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Water quality is a primary determinant for your customers’ and family’s health. A good water treatment and filter system can help to soften water, remove contaminants, and provide quality, potable water for your drinking and cooking needs. Fleming’s in-depth understanding of the principles of water filtration, softening, and treatment guarantees that you will receive the best possible system for your needs.

Our 24-hour service also guarantees that any crisis that arises in your water filtration or treatment system can be handled promptly and with the proper care and parts. Call us today to repair, maintain, or replace your current water treatment system and to find out how our 75 years of experience can benefit you, your business, and your family.

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Water Filtration and Water Softening from Fleming’s

Fleming’s Pumps and Water systems offers a wide range of water filtration and softening systems, including industry-standard products from brands like Goulds, Myers, Franklin Electric, Baker, and Blake. Our goal is to improve the drinking water of Piscataquis and Penobscot Counties by working with you to choose the right system for your needs.

Hard water is water contaminated with a high mineral content, typically from deposits of calcium, magnesium, or other minerals. Hard water can have an unpleasant taste. It’s also infamous for causing a grungy buildup in tubs, faucets, and sinks that is very difficult to clean. Unfortunately, it can also make cleaning more difficult in general and can even form precipitates that clog piping. While some sorts of water hardness can be partially reduced by practices such as boiling, many cases are simply unsolvable without a professional system designed for just that cause.

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Your water system is a complicated machine that has a huge impact on the health and happiness of your home and business. Hard or contaminated water can cause a host of problems from mild to severe.

Trust Fleming’s as the premiere source of water system treatment you can trust. We answer the phone 24/7 – call us now to see how our expertise and great service can serve you!