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24-Hour Water Pump Installation for the Bangor, Maine Area

Fleming’s specializes in water pump installation of all types, including conventional and submersible pumps and water tanks. We are happy to share that we provide our services 24 hours a day, seven days a week to greater Bangor and surrounding counties. 24-hour service means that we can replace, repair, or install parts for your water pump whenever you need it most.

There’s no reason to worry about freezing pipes or weekends without water when you deal with Fleming’s Pumps and Water Systems. We will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of as quickly as possible and left with the best possible service and product.

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Fleming’s Repairs Your Pumps and Water Tanks

Pete’s education and experience allow him to work with confidence on all sorts of water systems, from the archaic to the top-of-the-line modern pumps. He can work in both commercial and residential settings and provide you with all the information you need. His specialization in submersible water pumps, constant flow pumps, jets, and water tanks acts as your saving grace in times of emergency or when it’s time for an upgrade or replacement.

Don’t forget that Pete deals with the industry greats like Goulds Pumps, Myers, Franklin Electric, and Grundfos.

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Repair and Replacement for Submersible Pumps

Conventional electric-motor pumps need to stay partially dry in the operation. However, submersible pumps are pumps that can still operate while the entire unit is submerged in water. Special seals and construction prevent water from reaching the electrical part of the pump, preventing a short out. The advent of the submersible pump changed water systems forever.

They are used in a wide variety of settings, but most commonly are used to move water from a source like a well to a destination. Fleming’s is extremely well-versed in the ins-and-outs of submersible pumps and provides the best possible service for them whenever you need it.

The failure of a submersible pump could mean no water is moved from your well, causing inconvenience and risk of freezing in inclement weather. Call as soon as you notice problems and we will provide you with the help you need to prevent this sort of costly emergency. Call us today for 24-hour service.