24-Hour Water Pump and Water Treatment Services

Fleming Water Systems and Water Treatment is proud to be the oldest water systems company in the state of Maine. Stationed in Bangor, ME, our service extends throughout Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties and beyond.

We provide the expertise of big-box companies with the personal touch and customer service only available from a small company.

Old Pumps
Water Pumps

At Fleming’s we specializes in water pump installation of all types, including conventional and submersible pumps and water tanks. Trust us for all of your water pump needs.

Water Treatment

A good water treatment and filter system can help to soften water, remove contaminants, and provide quality, potable water for your drinking and cooking needs.

Water Products

The quality of the parts you use in your residential or commercial water system play a huge role in how well it functions, what it costs to maintain, and how long it lasts.

About Us

Fleming’s Pump Service is a local, family company that has been offering the best water system products and services to the Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties for over 75 years.

24-Hour Water Pump and Water Treatment, Serving the Bangor, ME Area

Our company cares. We stay in business the old fashioned way: through hard work, a friendly staff, and great customer service. We look to earn your continued business through excellence. Decades of experience and professional know-how have made us capable of competing with big-box stores and chains, but we can offer top-notch, 24-hour individual attention that our customers deserve.

Professional Service 24/7
Residential & Commercial
Quality Water Products

Fleming’s Use Only the Best Products

Quality matters in the water business. Sub-par products may appear to be cheaper in the short scheme, but the bottom line is that inferior parts are sure to fail faster and require more maintenance, upkeep, and repair. Over time, the money saved through the initial investment is lost in recurring costs of time, attention, and replacement parts.

That’s why we settle for nothing but the industry best and offer that quality to you at a fair price. Choosing Flemings equates to choosing the best in the business, with great 24-hour support and expert installation.

At Fleming’s We are Always Available for You

Unfortunately, water systems don’t fail at our convenience. That means the standard 9-5 office hours simply don’t apply in our industry. If you are in need of repairs, new parts, or even a new system, call our experts at Fleming Water Systems and Water Treatment.

We are available at all times and can get your water flowing again in no time at all. Call us today to find out how we can help you with all of your water system needs (207) 942-3894. Below are some of the quality brands that we use: